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to the phone box outside on the street - are the hands to the sides of each half. "All I said was,"Fuck it, no problem, " was alfatubes not a problem of Sally in the apartment on the 8th floor of a building and the elevators were not working, and had the cell phone across the street, the street was quiet, but still was about 100 feet, and had to use the stairs! Someone said that they make sure I was not and someone should be me, was that she took a Spanish boys, Vince, and he was naked - all said he should do it too, agreed a. down the stairs and through the door, across the street and rang the cell phone - they were all watching from the balcony, then back again. We returned to the apartment, and Vince said, "Do not get me wrong, but that's a pretty awesome weapon he has," was all he said thank you. When we reached the 4 th floor, Vince was before, suddenly jumped back and took me with him. He said he saw two policemen in the elevator lobby through the window. We got into the small room, the trash chute and waited. What seemed an eternity and not have elevators, were walking down the stairs. We have heard the stairwell door open and out of the police. vincand back against me, his hand rubbing my cock, but did not leave. I'm not bi or gay, but I found it exciting and my cock began to stir. His hand does not move. And the police of half the lower staircase. We were freezing - No, but my cock, still growing and still can not move his hand, Vince. Then, as my cock began to rise, Vince pushed me away behind and grabbed my cock - I could say anything, because they were both naked, not with the police within 10 meters. He started rubbing my cock decrease until it was fully erect, his face was a picture, and took my hand in one of 10 inches. He looked at me and smiled, then knelt down and began to suck my cock, pushed me against the wall. I could not speak nor the police have heard us, and we have been arrested. In fact it felt good to be flown by one man for the first time. Police are still out, and I had a BJ from another guy. You must think you have called, but Isoon shot my load into her mouth and swallowed Vince play. The police stayed for about 5 minutes to speak and then left. Vince licked my juices and wiped my cock in an old shirt I found in a bag. As we climbed the stairs, Vince said 'I'm not saying all - Kelly (his girlfriend ) would make his mother when he heard of' came back and everyone wonders what took so long, he said, the police dropped the stairs, and had to hide in the garbage room. They all laughed. The game sta
Quotes ted again, and dare ever bolder as time passed, dare, said the person who had to choose a member of an opposing team and have full sex with them picked up by all the spectators ! The girl took alfatubes was very nice and had many offers from guys! She chose her friends on the opposing team - the safest bet. Then it was 4 laps later Clara naked - they were beautiful and my dick started hard again alfatubes ! Two laps later, Clara resumed, as she put her hand inot everyone could see the bag, I was shaking, then, when he read the piece of paper that looked at me and smiled. She came to me and showed me the paper - which was the same car People wondered what it was and alfatubes I read it - encouraged everyone and a girl said, "Clara has its way," I turned and saw Clara I was sitting astride a chair, then said: " I ​​am waiting for " - that almost got there and then see nice big tits and open pussy waiting. I knelt alfatubes before her and slowly began to lick her pussy, she was the starting point to moan and everyone was cheering. After a few minutes I could see she was close, so he stopped alfatubes and slowly slid my hard 10 inches inside. So I did and alfatubes said, " Stop, stop, stop," she leaned over and whispered, " is my first time," he whispered back "I'll take it easy". Then when I drove slowly, I felt her tight pussy and I came suddenly to resolve deeper. I lifted my ass toa better angle to allow me to get to the bottom of my balls, and finally in the house alfatubes - according to Clara did not complain with my eyes closed. I started pumping into her ear and some girls who wanted to risk that to do so. As I had cum, I sucked as Vince, I went on for years - no one thought he could last a long time, Clara had cum 4 or 5 times, then I felt my balls begin to move and was about the moment Clare wrapped her legs around me and simply said.. "No, I" was pumping my cum deep into her fresh virgin pussy - the feeling was alfatubes great that fell upon them, and stayed there for several minutes while running the game again. More than a clock, the party began to break, and Clare said he wanted, he offered a lift and she accepted. on the way home told me that if they are not exempt from the pill then we have problems, but she said she could not have children due to illness as a alfatubes child. end up back in my alfatubes home, and she ended SPEnding the weekend, gets fucked in all positions in each room. We were together for 6 years until she has to work abroad, I still see from time to time.


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Six or seven years had a part time job at a club night for me on the spot. I was in my 30 years and then, but me and two other people in their 20 years every year in the rest of the staff. I'm fine with most people, especially one girl, Clara, who was 18 years old, was not thin, but fat is not already had a couple of fantastic 36DD tits (- as I am I dreamed a boob man cumin on it). She had caught me staring at them, many times case any one week, I asked if the 21 Birthday Party to go out next week - I said yes. on the night of the party, I thought about 20-25 people who live there. The drinks flowed and inhibitions fell, then someone suggested a game of spin the bottle. Since many people asked me a different game, with a bucket and the color of the roulette game Twister. I had played before and this explains the rules. I said before playing each game, all instructions must make and not get up again - everyone did, even Clare and always seemed shy. The group is cut into 4 teams of 6 (or 6 teams of 4) and each person in the group is a number from 1-6. Each team is assigned a color. The wheel and the team chooses the dice, the player chooses. the beginning, when a team member will be elected, you must remove one article of clothing. Then when they took all their clothes, they have to choose either "Truth or Dare", if re-elected. The company is already written and alfatubes placed in a pocket. Each time you chose a car would be returned to the bag. all laughed and agreed to play. Each wrote a few adventure started a couple of "truth " questions on slips of paper and play. With the drink is flowing, lost all their inhibitions and do not worry about stripping. After 10 minutes, most people in their underwear, except for the girls who had been elected three times in a row and now naked - I had a good body lean and a few! the guys on his team had been hard for the n I took, I just had my boxes, and was the first naked man, encouraged many of the girls and one of my team really grabbed my cock and said: "Fuck me, tear <strong>alfatubes</strong> me in two. " I'm very well equipped - about 7 inches when flaccid and erect reaches about 10 inches, and that was only 5 '4 " and <i>alfatubes</i> very small, I suppose I could have I.. after a little more many more turns were naked truth or dare and started to get looked at Clara looked to see on my dick, she alfatubes just had her panties on her tits and looked fantastic - I winked and blew a kiss.. she looked away rapidly I started again and laughter, dare chose a dare I said "Walk, do not rush